About us

Laurynas Sivilevičius
Business development and finance professional
Julius Pauliukaitis
Julius Pauliukaitis
E-commerce / UX professional

Who we are?

Our roots are dating back to 2004. All started with an idea of providing e-services for automotive business. Step by step individual experience growth and strong effort drove us to join forces and use the accumulated experience. And the dreams became true. Now we are the team of professionals with multiple years of international experience in e-commerce and automotive business. Our management is driven by: Laurynas Sivilevičius - business development and finance professional since 1999 and Julius Pauliukaitis - e-commerce / UX professional since 2003. We are proud to present you the products, born from long therm experience in international multibrand business management and creating best in class user experience.

Why us?

Long years of personal experience in different automotive business areas - from aftersales customer service to sales and top management, from luxury to mass brands, from business consulting to delivering high-quality services and solutions. Passionate, focused and driven by common targets and daily operation process, we are excited to provide the most modern and innovative solutions for automotive business, helping our customers to maintain constant growth and improve their operational qualities.

Our story

While both team members are equally passionate about providing top notch services, they had a completely different journeys. Julius started his personal carrier in 1992 as an IT engineer, working with the development of Quality Control systems (German company IBS GmbH, later acquired by Siemens). Since 2004 started working as analyst and architect of web based solutions for business. Since 2009 focused on working with solutions for automotive business, with brands like BMW, MINI, Fiat, Alfa Romeo, Jeep, Chrysler, Porsche and Volkswagen. Multiple years of IT experience and focus on creating great Customer Experience helps to create great products for our customers.

Laurynas started his personal path in automotive business in 1998. in 2003 Joined BMW official dealership, where personal effort and constant strive for perfection helped to make a growth in career and to change different positions in business management areas with different brands, such as FCA group, Maserati, Porsche, Bentley, Rolls-Royce and to become a Managing director of international group automotive branch, which represented 16 automotive brands in 4 different countries. Long term automotive business experience encouraged the successful leadership in  Lithuanian autoentrepreneurs association till 2022. Personal growth and multiple years top management experience is highly useful now, in always dreamed environment of business management, process driven e-solutions and of course - customer service.  

Our common hobbies, automotive passion since early '90 and values made us most probably the best partners one can ever dream. Therefore, constant discussions of business improvements, automatization, processes, customer service and e-solutions for automotive business made the path for us - to be where we are today.

Mission and Vision

Our mission is to provide the most advanced B2B e-solutions and to help our partners to achieve the best results. Our vision is to become the leader in the worldwide market by providing the best, most advanced and innovative solutions. Our core values are clear and safe, efficient, green and sustainable business. Fun to work with us. For employees and partners.

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Our HQ are based in Vilnius, capital city of Lithuania. The small, EU member country with 3 mio inhabitants, but one of the best places to live and to nurture your dreams. With strong communities, safe environment and highly qualified and intellectual workforce. You can find us at Sunrise Valley Science and Technology Park, which community consists of talented and ambitious enterprises.

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Location: Sauletekio ave. 15, 10224 Vilnius, Lithuania
Working hours: weekdays 08:00 - 18:00 EET.