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iPSP is one of the most modern, innovative Internet Parts Shop Platforms.

  • Designed exclusively for automotive business professionals to provide the best customer experience;
  • Works as professional automotive parts e-shopping tool in B2C and B2B areas;
  • Based on over 10 years experience in automotive business.
Orders processed

132 000+

Revenue turnover

€ 9 500 000+

A Complete Solution

We will take care of solution and technology. You enjoy the sales.
  • Tailored solution for automotive business;
  • Integrated with Your business systems;
  • Works perfectly as a marketing channel for other than parts and accessories shop as well (cars, motorcycles, services, etc.);
  • Revenue and profit / possibility to expand Your business;
  • Know-how provided.

And a Fast One

We are here to assist You.
  • Simple. We provide a complete package and full assistance;
  • Quick. Takes only 1 month to start selling;
  • Intelligent. Works perfectly with current business systems;
  • Reliable. Unique built platform to be the most stable;
  • Affordable. No initial investment required.


OEM Part catalogues

Full integration with OEM Part catalogues to select the parts online. Throughout the visual guide as well as the part number.

Model VIN identification

Vehicle identification by VIN online. To select the correct parts and accessories. Significantly saves time and reduces error possibility for the end user. Model wizard provided as well.

Multiple eshop management

One integrated backend to manage multiple eshops (e.g. different brands or markets). Easy and simple.

Smart pricing management

Powerful and Flexible tools to manage pricing the way you need are included. Discounts/parts groups/customers/etc.

Simplified purchase process

Designed to have the most efficient sales process. No extra effort for your customer. Each and every step has been evaluated and optimized.

Smart part replacement

Manage the offer for discontinued parts. Or simply provide the option for the customers. OEM, Alternative or even used. Easy to handle using the sophisticated and correctly designed platform.

Help and support

We provide exceptional support on our products and help on doing business. We care.

Periodic system updates

We constantly monitor and improve our products. All system improvements and maintenance updates are performed with the zero impact to the daily operations and free of charge


Included. Full pack to run the business. And even more if desired.

Marketing tool

Designed for marketing activities, promotion and upsale the products other than parts. Simply use the potential.

Campaign and sales tool

High-end system to promote products/groups, perform campaigns and empower the sales.

Process automation

Designed to save time and resources. Based on process optimization and automatization.

Daily operations

We will take care of
  1. Constant monitoring of services;
  2. Support and consulting;
  3. EPC information updates;
  4. Reports to run the business.
What you have to do?
  1. Respond to your customers enquiries (live chats and emails);
  2. Manage on site marketing activities (newsletters, - special offers, discounts and so on);
  3. Run your AdWords, FB and other external marketing activities;
  4. Maintain the site menu and content.

How to start

Just contact us. We will take it from there.

We will take care of
  1. Setting-up iPSP platform with required EPC;
  2. Setting-up all third party services;
  3. Setting-up payment processing solutions;
  4. Setting-up delivery services;
  5. Setting-up all necessary routines;
  6. Support and assistance.
What you have to do?
  1. Choose your logistics partners (delivery);
  2. Choose your payment partners;
  3. Provide us with a source of pricing/stock information - we will assist you here.
AWS Infrastructure

Discover the power of seamless e-commerce with our solution, hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS). By leveraging AWS's robust infrastructure, we ensure unparalleled reliability, scalability, and security for your online store.


We take it seriously. The platform is unique, designed and built to be the most advanced and safe. Constant systems updates, security checks, ssl protocols, password policy makes it safe for your business.

Technical requirements

There is no need for you to worry about this. Just have your daily operations running. Technical requirements are on our side. Therefore, there are no such for you.

Payment solutions for your customers

Anything you desire and possible to have in your country: Paypal, Credit Cards, CoD, bank payments (PSD2) and etc.


We keep it efficient. By daily operations and processes. By responisbilites with the team and time manament. By involvment and self esteam. Everyone in the team has their tasks.


€ 1500 /mo

+2,5% from turnover

  • Free setup
  • AWS infrastructure
  • Basic integration with ERP
  • Integration with payment services
  • Integration with logistics services
  • 1 LiveChat licence
€ 2000 /mo

+2.0% from turnover

  • Free setup
  • AWS infrastructure
  • Advanced integration with ERP
  • Integration with payment services
  • Integration with logistics services
  • Professional analytics tools
  • 3 LiveChat licences
€ 5000 /mo

no fee from turnover

  • Free setup
  • AWS infrastructure
  • Advanced integration with ERP
  • Integration with payment services
  • Integration with logistics services
  • Professional analytics tools
  • 3 LiveChat licences

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